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By howardgardnercg, Dec 31 2018 07:29AM

This week I completed a music video for Pillars of Golden Misery, which I have been animating over the last month as a 'back burner project' using Mandelbulb 3D and After Effects. The completed piece can be seen here:

Further to this, from October through to the present I have been busy on another project for a client doing motion graphic animations for the intro and end credit sequences. This project will likely be completed early in 2019 but I can't say any more about it for the time being. In the meantime though, I wish to thank all my clients over the last year and everybody else who has helped supported me. Have a great end to 2018 and I hope the next twelve months are good to you!

By howardgardnercg, Nov 10 2018 07:31PM

I've just completed work on a music video for Non-Bio. This was a lower-priority project (at least compared to some others I've recently been involved with) and so completion of it took a few months. There was a lot of VFX included, so expect a full write-up to appear on this site shortly. Here's the video:

By howardgardnercg, Sep 13 2018 09:18AM

On Tuesday this week I attended the Portobello Film Festival's ever-popular Sci-Fi & Horror Night at the Westbank Gallery, which this year happened to also be the first screening of Protein. I think it went well; my film got a slot fairly late into the night but there was still a sizeable audience present. The organisers asked me to do an introductory speech and I gave one, even if it was improvised a bit hastily; I described the film as an "apocalyptic filler". Anyway the audience reaction seemed positive!

The film has been submitted to numerous other festivals, many of which are still considering whether to include it in their programmes, so hopefully soon I will report back that it's got some more screening dates set.

By howardgardnercg, Aug 9 2018 02:59PM

Having now finished my short film, I'm cracking on with a number of other jobs for clients at this moment. Sadly I'm embargoed from discussing these - at least for the time being - so I'll instead report some more news on Protein; specifically that it's been selected for this year's Portobello Film Festival. They haven't said specifically when it's being screened yet, but my money's on the evening of Tuesday 11th September. The film is still out for consideration of several other festivals around the world, but this is a very encouraging start!

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